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What they’re saying about Cody Parkey’s miss and the Eagles’ playoff win over the Bears

R.I.P. to the Bears mascot.

Michael Bennett flaps his arms after -- his wings? -- after the Eagles' win on Sunday at Soldier Field.
Michael Bennett flaps his arms after -- his wings? -- after the Eagles' win on Sunday at Soldier Field.Read moreYONG KIM / Staff Photographer

Did that just happen?

Yes, yes it did.

The Eagles beat the Bears, 16-15, to keep their season alive. Sure, they have to go on the road to the mighty Saints next weekend (the team that beat the Eagles, 48-7, earlier this year). But let’s not get ahead of ourselves -- Sunday afternoon’s win in Chicago was one for the books (but it wasn’t a great day for the Bears mascot).

Let’s relive it, shall we?

Everyone was hyped ahead of Sunday’s game. Birds fans poured into Chicago, taking over bars and tailgating outside of Soldier Field (not that it surprises us in the least).

The Eagles have been on a roll lately, and they felt a little unstoppable.

For Alshon Jeffery, Sunday was a revenge game of sorts: the receiver spent five years in Chicago playing for the Bears. But he made clear what he thought about the team and the city earlier this week.

“I love the city of Philadelphia,” Jeffery told my colleague Zach Berman. “Chicago was just when I was there for work.”

Jeffery was owning the atmosphere on Sunday.

And fans were pretty happy about it.

Jeffery finished 82 yards on six receptions.

Bears fans had an absolutely typical reaction.

The first quarter ended relatively uneventfully with a 3-0 score in favor of the Eagles thanks to Jake Elliott.

Early in the second quarter, Nick Foles was intercepted while attempting a pass to Wendell Smallwood. It wouldn’t be the first time we saw Foles stutter on Sunday (but, inevitably, he redeemed himself).

He got some help, though.

Golden Tate made an incredible grab and stayed on his feet after a savage hit by the Bears D.

My colleague Mike Sielski wrote about Tate earlier this week, saying the mid-season addition still needed to prove himself.

Think he just did.

And then ...

Just two plays later, Foles had another pass intercepted.

People couldn’t help but notice the irony.

This second interception was notable mostly because it’s so rare -- Foles doesn’t often cause two turnovers on his own.

But the bad taste in fans' mouths got washed out ... something even worse.

“No video evidence of a clear recovery.” Does that one sound familiar?

The Eagles caught the wrong end of a tough call -- that was, as the official @NFLOfficiating account made clear on social media later on, actually correct.

But it didn’t stop people from griping about it.

The moment reminded my colleague Les Bowen -- and, inevitably, a number of Eagles fans watching -- about the play the officials missed on during the Eagles' loss to Dallas at the start of December.

And this time, even the television crew couldn’t help but weigh in after the call was made.

Unsurprisingly, fans had a lot of fun with this on social media.

Including a few references to the meme-of-the-moment.

The Eagles offense started to wake back up in the third quarter, when they finally put a touchdown on the board thanks to Dallas Goedert.

The play reminded observers why Foles has the reputation he does.

Oh, and it ticked off Bears fans, too.

And made lots of Philly fans very, very happy.

The Eagles ended the third quarter with a four-point lead and fans entered it with the knowledge that it could go either way.

And yeah, it had people anxious.

The Bears went up 15-10 thanks to an 80-yard drive culminating in a touchdown and two-point conversion.

It was go time.

There were just over 4 minutes left in the quarter when Foles and the Eagles began driving.

And work it, he did.

Foles tossed the game-winning touchdown to Tate -- that mid-season acquisition who still needed to prove himself -- to go up 16-15 on the Bears with under a minute left.

We’re thinking they’re going to set up another statue for Foles at this point.

And as for that other quarterback on the roster ...

Well, we won’t get into that.

The game was in hand, and all the Eagles' defense needed to do was stop Mitch Trubisky from putting the Bears in easy field-goal range.

And lucky for Birds' fans, the guy kicking those field goals had a notoriously difficult season.

Cody Parkey missed seven of his 30 attempted field goals this season.

Make that eight.

Doink, doink. Parkey missed what would have been the game-winner, and the Eagles won.

You need to listen to the Spanish-language broadcast of Parkey’s miss. Rickie Ricardo really lost it.

“No, señor!”

» HE GOT IT!: Treyvon Hester tipped Cody Parkey’s missed field goal

Matt Nagy is every Bears fan, and now a meme of his own.

And of course, the Twitter masses were savage.

Even though he did just lose the Bears the game, I’m not sure he deserved this treatment coming off the field.

Or this treatment from the internet.

Actually, Sielski has a better theory.

The Eagles locker room was unsurprisingly “lit” after the game.

Bear down, indeed.

So, what about next week? If you’re the betting type, we’ve got you covered.

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