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New Eagles WR DeVonta Smith wants to know where the best cheesesteak in Philly is

The Eagles' first-rounder took to Twitter to ask fans where he should get a cheesesteak.

Eagles first-round draft pick DeVonta Smith is endearing himself to the city already.
Eagles first-round draft pick DeVonta Smith is endearing himself to the city already.Read moreDavid Dermer / AP

DeVonta Smith hasn’t been an Eagle for even 24 hours and he is already asking the most important question: Where’s the best cheesesteak in Philly?

Smith is a Louisiana native and played four years at Alabama, so even though he’s just 166 pounds, there’s a good chance he knows a thing or two about good food.

He took to Twitter Friday afternoon to start getting cheesesteak recommendations, receiving thousands within hours.

Lots of love for Dalessandro’s

If the Twitter replies are any indication, Dalessandro’s will be Smith’s first stop. Mitchell & Ness and former Simon Gratz football star Nydair Rouse are among those who suggested Dalessandro’s.

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Not everyone supports the amount of love that Dalessandro’s is getting. Count radio and TV personality Natalie Egenolf as one of those who disagrees.

John’s Roast Pork is a little more than two miles from Lincoln Financial Field, so the proximity could be in its favor.

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Other popular choices

Ishkabibbles, Jim’s Steaks, and Angelo’s Pizzeria were also among the popular selections. As you can see above, Max’s in North Philly is regarded as one of the under-the-radar best options. A tantalizing picture from Woodrow’s may have caught Smith’s eye like a Jalen Hurts pass at Alabama.

If you’re one of the people concerned about Smith’s slender frame, just keep suggesting cheesesteak locations. If he tries enough of those spots, those concerns may not last long.

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