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The Eagles are releasing a new sports apparel collection with New Era that focuses on streetwear

The FLY collection is a newer focus on streetwear culture that the Eagles haven't presented.

The Eagles are releasing the Fly collection, a line that will focus on streetwear culture.
The Eagles are releasing the Fly collection, a line that will focus on streetwear culture.Read moreCourtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are embracing Philadelphia’s artistic culture with their latest line of sports apparel.

In a collaboration with New Era, the Eagles are releasing the Fly collection, a line that will focus more on streetwear culture. It features hoodies, T-shirts, jackets and headwear that all have one of three distinct designs.

The FLY collection launches on Sept. 9 and will be available at Eagles Pro Shop locations and Fanatics.

“We wanted to contrast with other things available out there and really create something unique that people haven’t seen before,” said Sean Flanagan, the Eagles’ creative director.

The FLY design may be the simplest concept. The three letters are featured alongside an Eagle on the apparel in different colors.

“FLY is just so much apart of our DNA,” Flanagan said. “We feel we have an iconic brand, so you distill it down to that outline and combine the two to really be able to make a statement in the most meaningful way.”

The PHI logo is the opposite. It’s big and is flanked with a smaller bird inside the letter P.

“That was a way for us to infuse a lot of meaning in letter forms,” Flanagan said. “That’s huge, so just being bold and loud and proud with that is a no-brainer.”

And then there’s the Go Birds option. The saying itself is already popular among fans, so this could be the most attention-grabbing of the three.

If the words “Go Birds” don’t catch the eye enough, multicolored hoodies and jackets will.

“While the designs themselves are new, the sentiment is not new,” Eagles senior vice president of media and marketing Jen Kavanagh said. “We related to what the fans have already embraced.”

Urban and streetwear have become big fashion trends for younger generations, but that wasn’t solely the focus. Decision makers wanted this project to be inclusive to all fans.

Not just the fans, but the players, too.

At the Eagles’ 2021 Hype Day, players got an exclusive look. Most of them, a group that Flanagan called “very fashionable,” gravitated toward the hats.

“We like to take a step back, look at culture, look at what’s inspiring people and our players, and we use that to form new ideas,” Kavanagh said.

A focus was also creating more options. Kavanagh noted how most Eagles fans express their fandom 365 days a year. And for most, wearing a jersey 365 days is not realistic.

Fandom is expressed in many ways. Some people show that by dressing head to toe in Eagles apparel. For others, there’s more of a focus on looking good and wearing something stylish.

“We provided options because there are a lot of different personalities out there,” Flanagan said. “We wanted to be as inclusive as possible.”