The Eagles faithful can be a bit fickle on social media, even during good games.

With that in mind, it was expectedly ugly during the Eagles’ disappointing 27-24 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

There were moments when the pitchforks came out for rookie running back Miles Sanders, who had two fumbles, one that resulted in a turnover and a costly Lions’ field goal.

But, following the poor Penn State alum nearly getting his head ripped off without a penalty flag thrown, some people came to his defense.

The rollercoaster experience of Nelson Agholor continued against the Lions, he caught touchdown passes, but he also had a gaffe when he fumbled the ball essentially untouched.

Agholor made up for it, though, and the fans swung back around.

But the good attitude didn’t last long as mistakes buried the Eagles against a beatable team at home.

The fan rage wasn’t just online, either. Predictably, the fans in attendance were irate, as well. One of the angrier fans caught on camera turned out to be Penn’s Dean of Admissions Eric Furda.

Malcolm Jenkins pulled off a miracle by blocking a field goal and giving the Eagles’ offense favorable field position to either get to field goal range or score a game-winning touchdown.

But the Eagles offense couldn’t cash in, and the sorrow continued.