The Eagles played against Mitch Trubisky on Sunday, which should have led to an easy win.

So much for that.

Midway through the second quarter, the Eagles led just 6-0. Carson Wentz was 10-for-13, but just having two field goals at that point wasn’t cutting it.

Mark this down in history: the referees did the Eagles a favor. They waved off a flag that would have taken an Eagles touchdown off the board.

Mack Hollins made a contribution: he committed a holding penalty that hurt a 17-yard gain by Miles Sanders.

It was 12-0 at halftime. Two field goals, a touchdown and a missed extra point. The Eagles gained a total of 202 yards, the Bears... wait for it... nine.

Yeah. Nine total yards in the half.

At that point, Carson Wentz was 14-for-21. His longest throw had gone for 25 yards. He had been sacked twice.

This piece is supposed to be about fan reactions, but this tweet from my colleague Les Bowen was too good not to use:

By the way, Mike Trout was at the game. Bryce Harper was not. Maybe he was out recruiting Stephen Strasburg, Anthony Rendon and Gerrit Cole, all of whom will play for the Phillies next year or else the offseason presumably will be a total failure.

Now let’s talk about Trubisky. His abysmal play this year has taken him to Manningface levels of fame (minus the Super Bowl rings, of course).

Philadelphians are never shy about pounding quarterbacks, but even they couldn’t help being impressed by Trubisky’s ineptitude.

That is, until Trubisky threw a 53-yard pass and the Bears scored a few plays later.

Did you know that there are analytics for cowardly play-calling?

The game got to the 4th quarter with the Eagles up 19-7, and it looked like they’d be able to close things out easily enough.

Except the Bears scored a touchdown, and it was 19-14, and, uh...

Late in the fourth quarter, I did a Twitter search for mentions of Carson Wentz and found:


The Eagles won in the end, and when the final gun went, Wentz was earning rave reviews.

If anyone from Chicago is reading this, here’s a reason to cheer up. At least you don’t have to root for the Dolphins.