Guy logged onto DraftKings earlier this week and plucked down $3,400 on the Miami Dolphins to go 0-16. If it happens, the bettor would win $102,000.

After the Dolphins were buried by the Patriots, DraftKings deadpanned on Twitter “This [bet] has aged well.”

Our unidentified hero got 30-1 odds when he placed the bet on Thursday. DraftKings did not immediately have a line following Miami’s 43-0 loss to New England, but WestGate’s SuperBook in Las Vegas did. Their updated line is 7-2.

Miami has lost its first two games by a combined score of 102-10. The Dolphins are at Dallas next week, host the Chargers on Sept. 29 and then have a bye in Week 5. Bye is favored by 14.

Miami visits New England in Week 17 where we might see the largest line ever for an NFL game.

“There are obviously a lot of variables that could have an impact -- most notably whether the Patriots actually have something to play for in Week 17,” said Matt Chaprales of the mobile site PointsBet USA. “But [there’s] a very good chance we’d be looking at an historic spread. Probably around 27.”

That would equal the line from a 1976 game between Pittsburgh and a Tampa Bay team that would go on to an 0-14. Pittsburgh won 42-0.

DraftKings bookmaker Johnny Avello said the Dolphins-Pats line at the end of the season could reach 30.

Just as interesting will be whether the Dolphins are 0-15 at that point.

Eagles update

The Eagles continued to be favored by 1.5 points over the Falcons for the Sunday night game.

“As expected,” PointsBet’s Chaprales said Sunday morning, “recreational bettors have hammered the Eagles - just under 80 percent of the tickets [sold] and 70 percent of the money [wagered].”