Chadwick Boseman fans finally have their first look at the Black Panther star’s latest project, which filmed in Philadelphia last year. Unfortunately, in the movie, Philly is once again standing in for New York City.

Dubbed 21 Bridges, the film stars Boseman as an NYPD detective on the hunt for a couple of cop-killing thieves following the murder of his father, who is also a police officer. Boseman’s character joins the case following a drug-related robbery that leaves eight NYPD officers dead, and takes drastic measures to solve the case.

As in: He shuts down the entire island of Manhattan for a night to trap the killers as he closes in.

Directed by Brian Kirk, best known for directing episodes of Game of Thrones, and produced by Joe and Anthony Russo (who happened to helm a little movie called Avengers: Endgame, also featuring Boseman), the film was known as 17 Bridges while it filmed throughout Philadelphia from September through November last year.

Philly’s role as New York City became apparent back in October, when onlookers noticed NYPD cruisers and NYC taxi cabs roaming the area of 11th and Callowhill, CBS reports.

In addition to Boseman, 21 Bridges also features Sienna Miller, J.K. Simmons, and Friday Night Lights’ Taylor Kitsch. The movie does not yet have a release date.

Check out the trailer for 21 Bridges below: