6abc didn’t have to go far to find David Murphy’s replacement.

Karen Rogers, who recently celebrated her 25th anniversary at the station, has been named the official meteorologist for the morning editions of Action News.

As 6abc coanchor Tamala Edwards said during Tuesday’s broadcast, it was the worst-kept secret in Philadelphia media circles. Rogers has been serving as a weather and traffic reporter on Action News since 2005, and is well-known and liked by viewers throughout the Philadelphia region.

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“I am so grateful for this job,” Rogers said. “Doing a job I love means so much, and I don’t know if the viewers realize how much it means to us that you invite us into your home.”

Murphy, who retired from 6abc last week after having spent 31 years at the station, offered his own congratulations to Rogers during Tuesday’s show.

“You are absolutely the best pick for this position,” Murphy said. “I’m happy not only for you, but also for viewers because of your dedication and your strong desire to always do things the right way.”

Rogers was born and raised in South Jersey along with her nine siblings. She graduated from Rutgers and joined 6abc in 1996 as a reporter and producer before shifting over into weather coverage. She’s also known across the region for her involvement in 6abc’s coverage of the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Fourth of July Parade.