ABC this week revealed the 30 contestants set to compete on season 23 of The Bachelor, and one of them comes from the Garden State.

Identified only as Angelique, Jersey’s lone Bachelor contestants hails from Hamilton, just outside Trenton. Details are scarce, but according to an online bio, Angelique, 28, works as a “marketing salesperson” and has “a love of corny jokes.” Host Chris Harrison, meanwhile, described her as “sweet” in a video introduction.

“Here’s one for you, Angelique,” the Jersey resident’s profile reads. “Why did [The Bachelor’s season 23 star] Colton [Underwood] cross the road? To meet you, of course!”

Angelique will face off against 29 other competitors this season, including a 24-year-old model from California, a Miss North Carolina winner, and a DJ from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. There are, however, also contestants with non-traditional employment, such as Alex D., a participant who lists her occupation as “sloth,” or Erin, who is a self-described “Cinderella.”

The Bachelor’s 23rd season premieres Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. on ABC.