Bam Margera is doubling down on his intent to hold a massive party at his Castle Bam property in April after claiming he recently received a cease-and-desist letter from Pocopson Township about the event.

Margera discussed the situation in a series of Instagram posts on Monday, this time via videos instead of his usual handwritten notes. In one post, he noted that Pocopson Township had sent him a cease-and-desist letter threatening potential jail time over his upcoming April party due to a newly enacted “Special Event Ordinance” that is targeted at events that may attract more than 100 attendees.

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“I’d love to f- see that,” Margera said. “For what? Having skateboarders skate a f- ramp, and then a neat-o concert ending before 10? You just make up your own rules. It might as well be called ‘Bam Can’t Have Fun Day.’”

Passed following Margera’s Dec. 13 party, the ordinance indicates that each violations could cost up to $1,000 each, or result in “imprisonment for a term not exceeding 90 days.” Pocopson Township and Margera’s reps did not respond to the Inquirer’s request for comment. However, in Board of Supervisors meeting notes, Pocopson officials indicated the ordinance was not passed to target Margera specifically, but his December party did act as a “catalyst” to advance its creation.

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Despite the apparent cease-and-desist letter, which is not a legally binding document or lawsuit, Margera said the party will go on and Pocopson Township is “just going to have to f- fine me.” In subsequent videos posted to Instagram, Margera threatened to increase disruptive behavior at Castle Bam (435 Hickory Hill Rd.) if “Pocopson tries to stop this one-day event from happening.”

“I am going to make it my f- point to invite everybody over every day and night for free,” Margera said. “Skate your asses off, ride my four-wheelers and dirt bikes all over the yard, causing a ruckus, causing mud. Music all the live-long day and night, every single day, everyone’s welcome for free. Forever.”


“I can make it way worse than you want,” he added in another video.

Margera’s previous event to raise funds for a new skate park that has been constructed in a building on the property. Margera’s April event, he announced on Instagram earlier this month, will serve as a grand opening for the new skate park, and will include a performance from rapper Yelawolf, as well as appearances by professional skateboarders like Danny Way.

Tickets to the event run $100 for basic entry, or $500 for a VIP package that includes “food and a fully stocked bar,” plus a piece of artwork from Margera. Fans can purchase passes via, which also includes a list of rules for the party, as well as an itinerary of events.

At the time of the announcement, Margera also criticized Pocopson Township over its Special Event Ordinance, which he said should “just be called ‘Bam can’t have one day of fun per year.’” The ordinance, passed Dec. 26, indicates that large events with more than 100 anticipated guests have to apply for permits from the township, as well as agree to pay for support services used and damages caused in the course of the event. Applications will be reviewed by township officials, who will either deny or grant permits.

Board of Supervisors meeting notes indicate Margera’s Dec. 13 event caused damage to surrounding properties, and also resulted in State Police use of helicopters, “troopers, undercover and criminal investigators.” The event, notes claim, also resulted in the death of a cow on a nearby farm due to emergency responders being blocked by traffic — an event that Margera addressed specifically in a handwritten note on Instagram this week.

“If everything goes smoothly and there is nothing to complain about, then say a cow died from stress of this event,” Margera wrote. “True story. Not a joke.”

Also at issue for Margera is an another apparent rule in Pocopson that has prevented him from filming at Castle Bam for about a decade, as the former Jackass star has said in Instagram posts. In 2004, the township issued a cease-and-desist that ordered Margera to stop filming projects at Castle Bam, claiming that it violated a home-based business ordinance. However, a 2007 AP report indicates Margera and Pocopson reached an agreement that allowed filming and editing of video at Castle Bam, though Margera has indicated otherwise online recently.

Margera has focused on parties at Castle Bam following a stint earlier this year in an alcohol rehabilitation program. Margera checked himself out of the program in January, noting in Instagram posts that he was “bored 50 percent of the time” in the facility, and boredom typically triggers his drinking. Since then, Margera has maintained that he has been “sober as a judge since New Year’s Eve.”

“You can cheer me on or wish me luck, but I won’t need it,” Margera wrote last month. “I am on a mission.”