Former Jackass star Bam Margera says he is planning another blowout party for his Castle Bam property this spring, even though the upcoming get-together could be in violation of a recently passed Pocopson Township ordinance targeted at events that may attract more than 100 attendees.

Margera, 39, began posting on Instagram over the weekend that he would hold an event on April 1 at Castle Bam -- located at 435 Hickory Hill Road in West Chester -- to celebrate the completion of an indoor skatepark on his property. Margera’s previous blow out, held Dec. 13 last year, helped raise funds for the construction of a new skatepark at Castle Bam.

Presented as photos of his usual handwritten notes, the messages indicated the party will feature a performance from rapper Yelawolf, as well as the premiere of a film that Margera has been working on “on and off” for about a decade. In a separate posting, Margera wrote that food and beer will be available, and that entry into the event would be $100 per person.

Margera, however, also wrote that Pocopson Township is “trying to pass a new law they should just be called ‘Bam can’t have one day of fun per year.’ He expanded on that statement in a third handwritten note, writing that “Pocopson is trying to make up a new rule” that could stop the proposed party, or at least make holding it more difficult.

The “rule” to which Margera is referring appears to be Pocopson’s “Special Event Ordinance,” which its Board of Supervisors authorized on Dec. 26, according to meeting notes. The ordinance indicates that large events with more than 100 anticipated guests must apply for permits from the township, as well as agree to pay for the use of support services and damages caused by the event, among other stipulations. Approval of potential “Special Events” will be subject to review by township officials. Violations could be punished by a $1,000 fine for each requirement that applicants fail to meet.

Neither Pocopson Township nor Margera responded to request for comment.

According to Pocopson Township Board of Supervisors meeting notes, the ordinance itself was not created in response to Margera’s Dec. 13 party, but the event was rather a “catalyst” for the Board of Supervisors to “take the steps necessary to enact an ordinance for the health and safety of the community.” Notes from a Dec. 17 Board of Supervisors meeting state that Margera’s Dec. 13 event caused damage to surrounding properties, and created problems for emergency responders in the area due to traffic, resulting in the death of a cow at a nearby farm, among other issues. State Police also expended considerable resources in monitoring the party, including the use of a helicopter and dispatched personnel that included “troopers, undercover and criminal investigators.”

Despite some opposition from neighbors who said the ordinance could “hurt residents who desire to hold private parties and weddings on their property,” the Special Events Ordinance was approved Dec. 26, meeting notes indicate.

Margera added that Pocopson Township previously made “a new law saying Bam can’t film on the outside property of Castle Bam,” and now he owns “14 acres that I can’t film on.” It is unclear what law Margera is referencing, but in 2004, the township issued a cease-and-desist that ordered the professional skateboarder to stop filming his Viva La Bam MTV reality show on the property, claiming it violated a home-based business ordinance. A 2007 AP report indicates Margera and Pocopson Township reached an agreement that allowed filming and editing at the Castle Bam property to continue, though Margera now seems to indicate otherwise.

In his final posting about the upcoming event from Monday, Margera wrote that Pocopson Township has two choices when it comes to this April 1. The first, he wrote, is to let the event “go smoothly just like the last one,” or, as a second option, pass another law to “sabotage me again” and keep the party from happening, which he noted “would not be good.”

“That is how a semi-controlled situation will turn into complete chaos and anarchy, which would make excellent footage. So I am in an all win situation here. So I am up for both! Pocopson Township is gonna have to choose," Margera wrote in a hand-scrawled note, later asking fans in a photo caption whether he should “go after” the Township. On Wednesday, Margera appeared to double down on his efforts for the party with announcements about a website,, that includes a section to purchase tickets for events at the property.

The upcoming party is the latest news from Margera, who earlier this year checked himself out of an alcohol rehabilitation program, noting that he was “bored 50 percent of the time,” in the facility, and boredom is a trigger for his drinking. In comments on his recent Instagram posts, Margera has written that he has been “sober as a judge since New Year’s Eve."

“If you think I left rehab to go party, I’m not interested,” Margera wrote. “So you can cheer me on or wish me luck, but I won’t need it. I am having great fun remembering how to come up with a productive endeavor without alcohol stepping in my way to ruin it again. I am on a mission.”