Bam Margera publicly reached out for help from Dr. Phil McGraw, saying that the TV personality is “the only person that I will believe on the planet.”

Margera, 39, made his plea to Dr. Phil in a series of Instagram posts over the weekend in which he laid out his aggravation with past doctors and prior stints in rehab, and detailed ongoing issues with friends and family.

“Dr. Phil, I need your help in a big, big way,” Margera said in one clip. “My family is in shambles. It’s been worse than it’s ever been, ever.”

In another clip, the pro skater claims he “can’t stand” his wife, Nicole Boyd, and thinks she will use the couple’s son, 18-month-old Phoenix Wolf, as “bait” in the event of a separation.

“I ain’t playing that f- game,” Margera said. “So you can have him.”

In a third video, Margera claimed he has disowned his mother, April, following what he said was a near-death experience last week. Margera did not elaborate on how he “almost died,” but claimed his mother showed “no emotion, like it happens every other Monday,” when informed about the event.

“She acted like the f- Phillies lost,” Margera said. “It was unreal.”

Margera went on the say that he has “seen 28 doctors” and “been to four rehabs” in the past, but has not found treatment helpful. As a result, he decided to approach Dr. Phil directly.

“The only person I believe is you,” Margera said in one clip. “When I watch you, I’m like, ‘That’s what I would have said.’ The only person that I will believe on the planet is Dr. Phil.”

After several videos targeting friend Brandon Novak, who Margera accuses of a list of wrongdoing, the West Chester native then briefly turned to his own internal issues.

“You’re right. I do have problems,” he said, before going on discuss his inability to “shut my f- brain off.”

Margera updated fans on Monday, writing on Instagram that Dr. Phil responded to his pleas, though Dr. Phil has not addressed the situation publicly. In one post, Margera had written on his hand in marker that Dr. Phil saw the outcry, and “wants to help.”

Margera has spoken openly in the past about his struggles with alcoholism, most recently having entered rehab for the third time earlier this year. He checked out of that program after 10 days, and was later committed to a behavioral health facility.