Conservative radio personality Chris Stigall has departed from 1210 WPHT-AM after nearly a decade with the station.

Stigall, who hosted mornings at WPHT, confirmed his departure to the Inquirer today in an email, noting that he and the Entercom-owned station ended their relationship “on good terms.” An Entercom spokesperson did not respond to request for comment.

“I hope you’ll continue to support my friends at Talk Radio 1210 WPHT,” Stigall wrote. “It’s full of good people who work very hard to keep you entertained and informed. It’s a valuable and necessary resource in the city of Philadelphia.”

Stigall, a Missouri native, initially joined the station in 2010 following a gig at on the KCMO Morning Show in Kansas City, where Stigall started his broadcasting career in 1999. According to a 2011 Daily News article, friends worried that when Stigall accepted his gig at WPHT, Philadelphians would never welcome him due to the city’s “parochial” attitude.

“I have not found that to be remotely the case,” Stigall said in 2011. “As long as you’re honest with Philadelphians, they’re going to be great.”

Stigall reiterated that sentiment today, telling the Inquirer in a statement that after nearly a decade in town, he has found that “Philadelphia is unlike any other city in the country.”

“The passion, grit, and loyalty is unrivaled,” Stigall said. “You truly have to live here and live in it to ‘get it,’ and thanks to you welcoming me in as you have, I’ll ‘get it’ forever.’”

What is up next for Stigall remains unclear. However, he plans to tell fans about any upcoming gigs as soon as he knows “where that next stop is.”

“Sorry to do it, but it’s the only cliche that fits,” he said. “It’s not goodbye, just so long for now.”

Entercom had a nightmarish few months in early 2018 after swallowing CBS Radio — including WPHT — saw revenues jump 4 percent in the fourth quarter and now expects more gains through early 2019, the Bala Cynwyd-based company told the Inquirer last month.