Netflix has released a trailer for its latest thriller, In the Shadow of the Moon, but while the movie may be set in Philadelphia, it wasn’t filmed here.

The movie, which stars Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Boyd Holbrook (Narcos), takes place in Philadelphia in 1988, when detective Thomas Lockhart (Holbrook) starts his search for a serial killer who seems to resurface every nine years with a number of brutal murders. The killings, a movie description reads, “defy all scientific explanation,” primarily thanks to sci-fi elements that include time travel.

Released this week, the film’s trailer shows a number of Philly icons, including a SEPTA bus, City Hall’s facade, and a subway train that appears to be the Broad Street Line. As we find out, the film’s version of Philly media begins to refer to the serial killer’s slayings as the “Market Street Murders.”

Unfortunately, while we get a cool retro 80s Philly setting, the film itself was made in Toronto, according to Entertainment Tonight’s Canadian arm. Previously, Toronto served as a stand-in for Philadelphia for the filming of DC Comics’ Shazam, which was released last year.

The flick comes to us from writers Gregory Weidman and Geoff Tock, who previously worked together on CBS’ Limitless series. Another Philly connection, besides its setting, is director Jim Mickle, a Pottstown native known for horror flicks like 2007’s Mulberry Street and 2010’s Stake Land.

In the Shadow of the Moon makes its initial world premiere this Saturday at Fantastic Fest in Austin. But anyone with a Netflix subscription will be able to stream the flick starting Sept. 27.