New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft celebrated his team’s win at Super Bowl LIII with a little help from Philadelphia’s own Meek Mill, who gifted the mogul a massive gold chain in honor of the franchise snagging its sixth NFL title this past weekend.

As a video from Boston’s 7News WHDH shows, the chain includes a large pendant that spells out “Championships” on one side and “Dream Chasers” on the other, all in gold and diamonds. As Kraft said, Mill gifted him the necklace at the Pats’ Super Bowl LII afterparty.

“Meek Mill gave me that after we won,” Kraft said, according to a video posted by NBC10. “He’s a great guy and when we were privileged to win the Super Bowl, he took this off his neck and he gave it to me."

Kraft added that he does not typically wear jewelry, and that his sons are “quite ambivalent” about the chain, but seeing as a Patriots Super Bowl win might “never happen again,” he decided to go with it.

“We should have a good time and celebrate this,” Kraft said. “It’s a wonderful thing, it brings a community together.”

While the gift may be upsetting to Eagles-loving Meek Mill fans, the move does make sense. Mill and Kraft, after all, initially got to know each other during the rapper’s stay in prison last year, and Kraft even visited the rapper during his stay at SCI Chester. Kraft is also a member of Mill’s criminal justice reform group, The Reform Alliance, which was announced last month and includes fellow moguls like Brooklyn Nets co-owner Clara Wu Tsa and rapper Jay-Z.

“I actually felt a little guilty,” Kraft said of the chain. “The guys on our team really think it’s cool and they like it.”