Cardi B delivered the fashion moment of the festival’s first day.

The “Trap Selena” wore a rainbow jumpsuit with exposed shoulders and matching boots. Sparkling fringe dangled from her arms and sides throughout the set. Her one-piece was the work of the L.A.-based brand RXCH. According to RXCH’s Instagram, it was custom-made.

But it was really the coordination with her backup dancers that elevated the style. The dancers wore monochromatic jumpsuits in myriad colors — red, blue, green, yellow and so on. With Cardi in the foreground, the presentation appeared as a color story that resembled like a rainbow’s stripes.

The fashion overall was reminiscent of another recent festival look: Beyonce and her dancers wore monochromatic Versace jumpsuits in varied colors at the Global Citizen Festival last December.

The outfits that Erykah Badu and her backup singers wore in the music video for “Bag Lady,” released in 2000, also came to mind.

Still, Cardi’s prismatic ensemble was a departure from both of those moments.

Cardi wore her hair half-up, half down, with multicolored gems in her hair, further matching her rainbow theme.