For the first time since Jimmy Watson was inducted five years ago, the Flyers will welcome a new member into the Flyers Hall of Fame.

The organization announced Monday that it will start trying to identify an inductee for the 2021-22 season, and it will be using a new selection process to do so.

A nomination committee and a voting committee will work together to determine the finalist. In an effort to gain a variety of perspectives, the members of each committee will include current members of the Flyers Hall of Fame, former Flyers, the Flyers’ front office, broadcasters, and members of the Philadelphia chapter of the Professional Hockey Writers Association.

The induction class will not be limited to one person. Instead, the number will be determined by the finalist votes. Once the inductee, or inductees, are selected, the Flyers will choose a home game for an induction ceremony.

Since the Flyers Hall of Fame’s inception in 1988, there have been 25 inductees, including 20 players. Bob Clarke and Bernie Parent were in the first class. The last time there was a five-year gap between inductions was between 2009 and 2014. The Flyers inducted five members from 2014 to 2016 before the latest five-year break.

Here are the members of the Flyers Hall of Fame:

1988: Bob Clarke and Bernie Parent

1989: Bill Barber, Ed Snider and Keith Allen

1990: Rick MacLeish and Fred Shero

1991: Barry Ashbee and Gary Dornhoefer

1992: Reggie Leach and Gene Hart

1993: Joe Scott and Ed Van Impe

1994: Tim Kerr

1996: Joe Watson

1999: Brian Propp

2001: Mark Howe

2004: Dave Poulin

2008: Ron Hextall

2009: Dave Schultz

2014: Eric Lindros and John LeClair

2015: Eric Desjardins and Rod Brind’Amour

2016: Jimmy Watson