The Flyers, coming off a 2-1, series-opening win over Montreal, will face the Canadiens in Game 2 at 3 p.m. Friday.

Here are three keys:

1. Travis Konecny vs. Montreal’s Brendan Gallagher

Keep an eye on which of these feisty wingers is more productive and gives his team energy.

Both have a similar styles. Both are shift disturbers ... for their opponents. In Game 1, Gallagher was given too much room by the Flyers and continually created scoring chances. He had seven shots on goal and two others that missed the net, and blocked two shots in 16:30.

Konecny was rather quiet offensively (one shot in 17:02), but played solid defense and had three hits and two takeaways. His defense has improved dramatically this season.

Konecny led the Flyers with 24 goals this season, but has yet to score in four postseason games.

2. Ghost on both ends

If Shayne Gostisbehere is in the lineup, he needs to play steady defense and use his speed to generate offense. He has looked much more mobile since his two knee surgeries.

Coach Alain Vigneault liked Gostisbehere’s performance in Game 1.

“He made some good breakout passes against a lot of pressure,” the coach said. “Montreal came at us very hard in the second period. We bent, but we didn’t break. In the third period, we handled our puck decisions better, and one of the reasons was our back-end guys like Shayne did a better job beating that hard pressure they were throwing at us.

“We’re going to need him to continue that.”

3. A defensive mindset

The Flyers must remain focused and stick to their defense-first mentality, even if they fall behind.

The Flyers have allowed just one goal in each of their four postseason wins. They have scored first in all four games and have never trailed in those contests.

Sooner or later, however, it’s going to happen in the Stanley Cup playoffs. When it does, they must continue to play a disciplined style. Opening up the game would play right into the hands of the speedy Canadiens.