Thanks to a 10-2-4 record in November, the Flyers have been playing their 2019-20 victory song a lot in their locker room lately.

The players do a lot of singing and a lot of clapping as the song blares after a win.

After Monday’s practice in Voorhees, center Kevin Hayes said he likes the song, but admitted: “I don’t even know what it’s called, honestly."

The song was handpicked by right winger Jake Voracek when the Flyers opened their season in Prague, near where he grew up.

The song is Two Times and it is performed by Ann Lee. Voracek said he first heard it in the late 1990s. The song was released in 1998, when Voracek was 11 years old.

“I always liked it,” he said

Voracek said the song was being played on the radio as the team was on a bus to watch a pro soccer game during their Czech Republic trip.

“I knew the song, but hadn’t heard it in a long time,” he said, calling it a “good-mood” tune.