Funfetti — the sprinkles-spiked birthday cake mix — turned 30 this month, and to celebrate, Pillsbury launched new versions of the classic: space- and unicorn-themed varieties.

The vanilla “galaxy” Funfetti yellow cake mix has blue- and purple-colored candy pieces in the mix; blue frosting — sold separately — provides a backdrop for candy bits shaped like stars, moons, and rocket ships. The “unicorn” pink strawberry cake mix has purple and yellow pieces; the vanilla frosting comes with unicorn-head sprinkles in a number of shades.

The company also launched a just-add-water Funfetti mix for pancakes and waffles.

Pillsbury's Funfetti Unicorn frosting.
Pillsbury's Funfetti Unicorn frosting.

Funfetti cake was an instant smash with kids when it first hit the market, but in the last decade, it has become extremely popular with adults, thanks in part to ’90s nostalgia as well as its Instagram- and Pinterest-friendly colors. Although Pillsbury has a trademark on the term “Funfetti,” the rainbow-sprinkle trend has swept bakeries everywhere, large and small. On Labor Day weekend, Beyoncé celebrated her birthday at the Made in America festival with funfetti from Cake Life Bake Shop — the second time the Fishtown bakery made a custom cake for her.

Funfetti galaxy and unicorn cake mix and frosting, $2.49-$4.99 at area stores including Giant, Acme, and Target; also available on Amazon.