In order to create the flavors for their latest whiskey, local craft spirits company Art in the Age dug deep — into a maple tree that has been growing near a New Hampshire graveyard since the colonial era.

Graverobber Unholy Whiskey pays homage to an old New England superstition: that tapping a cemetery maple would disturb the dead. Made at Tamworth Distilling in New Hampshire and bottled at Olde Kensington’s New Liberty Distillery, it’s a blend of “cursed” maple syrup and smooth 3-year-old whiskey. The syrup gives the spirit a burnt-sugar flavor, with hints of cinnamon and orange peel. Beware: Art in the Age representatives say there’s no guarantee it’s vegan.

Graverobber will be featured in cocktails at Haunt, the pop-up Halloween bar occupying the second floor of The Pearl Tavern on 1123 Walnut St. through Nov. 3, and at Art in the Age’s Old City tasting room.

Art in the Age and Tamworth are both projects of liquor-industry veteran Steven Grasse, whose Quaker City Mercantile company is responsible for brands like Sailor Jerry Rum and Hendrick’s Gin.

Graverobber Unholy Rye, $65 at Art in the Age, 116 N. Third St., Philadelphia;