Hot sauce has always been a big part of New York-based chef David Chang’s Momofuku restaurants. The restaurant group’s trademark Ssäm sauce is spicy and a little sweet, and so addictive that the restaurants have long sold it in take-home bottles.

The company recently made the condiment available beyond New York, and it’s now sold on Amazon. It’s also available at Green Aisle Grocery stores, the local grocers with locations in the city’s Graduate Hospital and Passyunk neighborhoods.

The base of the sauce is gochujang, the fermented red chili paste made with glutinous rice, salt and other seasonings. It also has a tangy flavor from rice wine vinegar and miso paste.

It goes on most regular hot-sauce foods such as pizza, burgers, fried chicken, ramen or eggs. Green Aisle owner Andrew Erace thinks of it like Sriracha — in fact, he said, since he started using it, Ssäm has moved ahead of Sriracha on his own personal hot sauce list.

Momofuku Ssäm Sauce, $12 at Green Aisle locations, 2241 Grays Ferry Ave. or 1618 East Passyunk Ave.; also available on Amazon.