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Basketball-branded caviar for fans of the 76ers (and other NBA teams)

Caviar as a game-day snack? A new company has branded fish eggs with NBA team logos.

76ers-branded tins of caviar from the Pearl Street Caviar company.
76ers-branded tins of caviar from the Pearl Street Caviar company.Read morePearl Street Caviar

Just in time for the NBA’s latest season, a new company is catering to basketball fans with die-hard champagne taste — with a line of caviar tins branded with team logos, like that of the Philadelphia 76ers.

The tins, which start at $25 for a 12-gram portion of Siberian select caviar, are sold online by New York City-based Pearl Street Caviar. Pearl Street hopes to broaden the audience for the buttery-salty fish-egg treat. “We believe caviar is a food, not a delicacy,” the company’s website reads.

The NBA tins are available with a choice of 14 team logos, including the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Boston Celtics. Thirty-gram tins cost $64. Pearl Street also sells 125-gram tins, with enough caviar for three to six people.

In addition to the Siberian caviar, Pearl Street also sells a pricier variety called Keluga. Both are sourced from open-pen aquafarms in China. Every order includes a key used for opening the tin and mother of pearl spoon for serving.

NBALab X Caviar from Pearl Street Caviar, $25 and up at