Nosh Bars were born in Washington, D.C., when founder Michele Lockhart was looking for energy bars made from clean ingredients. Now the business is officially a Philadelphia company, Lockhart having moved its headquarters to her hometown last year. These days the vegan bars can be found in about 50 local stores.

Lockhart was living in D.C. with her sister Allie in summer 2017 when the two came up with the idea of making a satisfying, natural-tasting snack bar from whole ingredients. Made primarily from fruit and nuts, as well as ingredients like sea salt, coconut, and oats, the bars have no added sugar. They have a dense, chewy texture and come in several flavors: chocolate, peanut, and goji berry, as well as “figstachio,” though that flavor is temporarily out of stock until the fall.

The bars are sold in more than 90 stores in 10 states, but primarily in Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, and D.C. Among the places they’re carried locally are Weavers Way Co-op locations, Snap kitchen stores, Riverwards Produce, and Ultimo Coffee shops.

Nosh Bars, $2.99. For a complete list of local vendors, or to buy online, go to