Pass the popcorn: Award-winning musician Questlove, a Philly native and food enthusiast, has collaborated with Williams Sonoma on a line of seasonings made specifically for watching movies and snacking.

The popcorn seasonings come in three flavors: truffle Parm rosemary, lemon pepper, and a sweet caramel- and cinnamon-tinged flavor called Saturday Morning Cereal.

“I wanted to put my own Questovian spin on the popcorn experience," he said in a statement released by Williams Sonoma. "Seasonings that make your popcorn come to life.”

The seasonings also can be tossed with french fries or chips, and the sweet variety could even be sprinkled on a dessert. The collection includes an avocado oil spray to help the flavoring stick to the popcorn, as well as a mini-set of the seasonings for sneaking into movie theaters.

— Allison Steele

Questlove’s popcorn seasoning, $18.95 for a 3-ounce tin or $24.95 for a mini-set of three at Williams Sonoma stores and online at