Green Eggs Cafe on 13th and Locust streets will reopen on Wednesday, hoping to recover from a public relations disaster when a picture of rats eating pizza left out on a table went viral on social media.

The rats got in after a storm water drain line just outside the cafe broke on May 5, according to co-owner Steve Slaughter. The cafe has been closed since to be sanitized and to fix the pipe, costing tens of thousands of dollars. A new foundation was laid around the cafe to seal the building off in case an outside line breaks again.

Slaughter said he aims to repair the reputational damage on the restaurant's "good quality food and good quality service."

"The Northern Liberty and South Philly Locations didn't see any change," he added. Green Eggs Cafe has kept their customers up to date with the Midtown location's developments over the past three weeks.

"We're an open book," he added. "The facts are the facts." The company has been "very aggressive" with social media.

Ironically, social media helped to cause Green Eggs Cafe's current predicament. Slaughter said that he "ultimately" found out about the problem through Twitter, as his employees forwarded him photos their friends saw on their social media feeds.