The Philadelphia Parking Authority has stopped enforcing meters, kiosks, and residential time limits, PPA executive director Scott Petri announced Tuesday as part of procedural changes to the agency prompted by the coronavirus.

It’s not to say the agency has forgone parking regulations. PPA officers “will place a special emphasis on enforcing safety violations,” such as double parking, blocking crosswalks, or loading-zone violations, he said.

The “softening of enforcement” has begun, Petri said.

“Our role is to assist in this crisis, to try to manage safety issues and the like, and to try to ensure that folks will have access to their critical needs they have, so in that light, I would ask that we all be considerate of our neighbors, our friends, we try not to park in parking spots all day long," he said. "Especially pay attention to areas where there are food stores, where people need to get their staples, where they need to get important medical services, etc.”

Gov. Tom Wolf directed all nonessential businesses to close Monday, leaving many Philadelphia residents asking: Is the PPA an essential business? School closures, event cancellations, store and restaurant shutterings, and calls for social distancing have residents at home wondering if they’ll be forced to move their cars.

The PPA also provided information about paying tickets online, retrieving impounded vehicles, and other parking-related updates Tuesday.

The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication, Parking Violations Branch, and PPA administrative offices will be closed from Tuesday until March 30. Its monthly board meeting, scheduled next week, will be rescheduled.

Ticket payments will be accepted online or by phone at 1-888-591-3636. The PPA is waiving convenience fees for the online payments. Those with scheduled hearings with the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication between Tuesday and March 27 can expect a new date in the mail.

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Motorists looking to claim booted or towed cars can pay tickets on the impounded car’s license plate online, in-person at the impound lot, 2501 S. Weccacoe Ave., or at the Philadelphia Municipal Court’s traffic division.

Red Light Camera violations can be paid online or by mail to Red Light Camera Program, P.O. Box 597, Baltimore, Md., 21203-0597.

The PPA’s lots and garages will stay open. Further information can be found on the PPA’s website.