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From bankruptcy to fire to closure, a rocky end for Philadelphia Energy Solutions

We take a look back at the events that lead up the fire, which Philadelphia Energy Solutions' CEO said has "made it impossible" to continue operations.

Where do you watch July 4 fireworks in Philly? Share your favorite place to avoid the crowds.

Philly's the place to be to celebrate the Fourth of July, but the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is the place to avoid if you hate crowds. Where do you go to catch the fireworks?

When Philly’s free public pools open in 2019: Making the schedule is ‘like a game of Tetris'

With 74 indoor and outdoor pools — 72 in operation this summer — Philly is a national leader when it comes to summer swimming.

Explosions rip through South Philadelphia refinery, triggering major fire and injuring 5

A series of explosions at the PES refinery lit up the night sky and has sparked environmental concerns in the close surrounding neighborhoods.

Today marks the summer solstice! Here's what to expect, from weather to events.

Here's a look at what the solstice means exactly and how to celebrate the season's kickoff in the Philadelphia region.

We asked for your beach hacks. Here are the best ones.

Of course, baby powder wasn’t the only response. From U-locks to bungee cords, here are some of your responses.

Tornadoes, twisters, warnings, and watches: What to know after seeing ‘our fair share this season’

From flash floods to tornadoes, our region has been on the receiving end of some extreme weather — and extreme weather alerts — lately.

Why some Shore-goers pack baby powder in their beach bags

Both talc-based and cornstarch-based baby powders can be used to easily remove sand from hands and feet.

After being hit twice by tranquilizer darts, elusive black bear captured in Philly

The sighting comes just a day after officials spotted a bear on train tracks in East Falls.

'It is pandemonium': Bear spotted on train tracks in East Falls

“This is the time of the year when we get a lot of bear calls,” said State Game Warden Dustin Stoner of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.