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SEPTA’s Chestnut Hill West Line has been suspended for months, and there’s no timeline on a return

While some are concerned service won’t return, SEPTA remains resolute that the suspension isn’t a permanent closure.

SEPTA Regional Rail is essentially running empty trains. It doesn’t have to be that way, experts say.

Recommendations to appeal to those it hasn’t in the past predate COVID-19. But they may be more important now than ever with the identity of Regional Rail turned on its head.

McConnell says Trump ‘provoked’ Capitol rioters; SEPTA officer reassigned over online posts; National Guard troops being vetted ahead of inauguration

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said President Donald Trump and his allies "fed lies" to a riotous mob of supporters who stormed the Capitol in an attempt to overturn Joe Biden's victory.

A hard drive with ‘vital information’ on SEPTA’s ransomware attack has been missing for months

The disappearance of the device from 1234 Market St. is shrouded in mystery.

SEPTA to get $252 million in additional federal COVID-19 relief

The transportation authority received $644 million in CARES Act relief this spring.

Penn cancels classes of professor who used Nazi rhetoric, gesture during virtual conference

A video shows Robert Schuyler, an associate professor of anthropology, berating a participant, then using the phrase “Sieg Heil,” accompanied by a Nazi salute.

We talked to a half-dozen health experts on the real risks behind riding SEPTA

“There’s pretty good confidence that mass transit is not going to be a major source of spread when people take the proper precautions.”

Sen. Pat Toomey calls on Trump to resign; Chris Christie calls insurrection incitement an ‘impeachable offense’

Toomey told CNN's Jake Tapper Sunday that resignation would be "the best path forward."

A year without a commute for many in the Philadelphia region

For those privileged enough to be able to work remotely, they’ll face a question with a laundry list of ripple effects: Is the commute worth it?

Pennsylvania Turnpike toll hikes take effect Sunday

Some “Toll By Plate” drivers will be paying a lot more as of this weekend.