Shen Yun, the popular, neon-tinted Chinese dance-and-music company, says its performances in Philadelphia and other cities will go on as scheduled, with no risk to the public from the coronavirus that’s killed hundreds on the mainland.

The troupe is based in New York, not China. Performers have not been to China in years, nor have they had recent contact with people from China, the company said in a news release.

Shen Yun appears at the Merriam Theater on South Broad Street from Feb. 12 through March 1.

The troupe was established in New York state in 2006 and has never been allowed to perform in China, the company said. Its dancers, musicians and technical crew all live and train in New York.

Shen Yun is affiliated with Falun Gong, whose believers follow meditation exercises and religious texts in search of spiritual enlightenment. In the West, Falun Gong is generally regarded as odd but harmless. The Chinese government regards Falun Gong as a dangerous, anti-society cult that it claims leads followers to suicide and murder.