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Everything is at stake for ‘Dreamers’ as Supreme Court takes up DACA

Polls show overwhelming support for DACA recipients, from as many as nine in 10 Americans.

Judge rejects Philly bid to block VisionQuest

The for-profit Arizona-based agency hopes soon to begin accepting children at its site on Old York Road in Logan, its attorney said Friday, an effort complicated by VisionQuest’s decision to lay off its 65-person local staff earlier this week.

DACA march to U.S. Supreme Court stops for a Friday rally at Philly City Hall

The marchers expect to arrive this month outside the Supreme Court on the day arguments begin over DACA.

‘They were just children’: A Philadelphia Day of the Dead memorial honors migrant kids who died crossing the border

Some died in the arms of their families. Others died in the custody of U.S. immigration authorities, raising questions about the conditions in which they were held.

Hundreds of migrants die every year trying to cross the southwest border into the U.S.

The Border Patrol counted 7,442 deaths from 1998 to 2018, but that's likely an undercount

Enough kids to open a day care: Activists push anew to shut down Berks detention center

The Berks detention center has long been assailed by critics as a “baby jail.” It drew international attention this month for holding a 3-month-old boy in what his mother described as filthy and frigid conditions.

Another group wants to open a shelter for migrant children in the Philly area. Others have sparked protests and zoning fights.

Global nonprofit Bethany says it’s acting solely out of a deep-rooted desire to help children.

Protesters demand Devon shelter halt its plans to house migrant children

Devereux is the second agency to try to open a Philly-area children’s shelter, reaping millions of government dollars in the process.

The British family who said they swerved into the U.S. from Canada has been deported

The British family who said that an innocent wrong turn from Canada into the United States led to a 13-day detention with their baby has been deported, their attorneys said.

U.S. officials dispute Canadian border crossing story of British family being held in Berks Detention Center

Immigration officials said two of the adults they detained had previously been denied authorization to travel to the United States. But they did not identify the adults, or the reason they had been blocked from entering.