Cover the region’s biggest high school games.

Break news about our local teams and players.

Deliver comprehensive recruiting stories about our top athletes.

Produce trend stories that are deeply reported and exclusive to our readers.

That’s what we do best at Rally, and we will continue the coverage that sets us apart.

The Inquirer remains committed to our long-standing high school coverage even as the economics of the industry force changes in how we do things.

As we seek more efficient and innovative ways to collect and publish information and statistics for future seasons, we are taking a timeout from our daily publication of high school sports roundups and box scores for the rest of this school year.

Those resources will be shifted to more coverage of key games; more college recruiting updates; and more in-depth articles about our best teams, players and coaches.

Of course, award-winning staff writers Phil Anastasia and Aaron Carter will continue to write about the local sports scene like only they can, with game stories, Top 10 rankings, all-area team recognition, player profiles and special reports. And we have a talented team of correspondents who will continue to roam the eight-county region providing features and
game coverage.

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