If Paul VI’s Jaden Arline needs any advice on how to get attention on the recruiting trail and how to handle it, all he has to do is call one of his closest friends: Roman Catholic’s Jalen Duran.

“He has been talking about his recruiting process,” said Arline, the Eagles’ sophomore shooting guard. “I mean, he’s one of the top [sophomore] prospects in the country, and he’s been recruited heavy. He’s told me that there’s not a lot to sweat about it, but a lot of coaches will talk to you and it’s something that you should look forward to.”

Being that Arline’s only in his sophomore season and has spent a lot of the season as the sixth man for the Eagles, the recruiting interest is just starting to pick up. However, there have been some early nibbles along the track from places like Drexel, Richmond, and Temple.

“We’ve had a really good open gym in the fall and they were here to look at other kids and he was one of the guys who got a look,” Paul VI head coach Tony Devlin said. “Drexel liked him, so he was getting some exposure, which is nice.”

With Arline working on his shot and improving his three-point efficiency, he is likely to get some additional Division I looks with progression in his game.