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Inquirer LIVE
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Inquirer LIVE: Special Conversation with Gabriel Escobar

Tune in now to Inquirer LIVE with Inquirer Editor Gabriel Escobar, moderated by Latino Communities Reporter Jesenia De Moya Correa. Conversation available in both Spanish and English.

Inquirer Live: Gabriel Escobar
Inquirer Live: Gabriel EscobarRead moreINQStudio

Click the video above to watch the recording of the live interview.

In his new role as the top editor for The Inquirer, Gabriel Escobar will lead a staff of roughly 210 reporters, photojournalists, editors, designers, and producers as the company navigates a turbulent year. Moderated by Latino Communities Reporter Jesenia De Moya Correa, Escobar will talk about managing the rapid and sometimes tumultuous transformation at The Inquirer, his career path and perspective on being one of the highest-ranking Latinos at a U.S. news organization.