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Telling Your Health Story: Virtual Health Writing Seminar (Day 1 - 2020) | Presented by Independence Blue Cross and Sponsored by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Inquirer LIVE: Telling Your Health Story, a virtual health writing seminar for patients and practitioners.

To view the recording of the live conference, please click play on the video above.

Welcome to Inquirer LIVE: Telling Your Health Story, Day 1.

Today’s program includes a series of panel discussions featuring local experts, each with unique healthcare perspectives. The panelists will share their knowledge and experience about their writing process and offer insightful tips to help you improve your storytelling.

How to participate: At any time during the conference, you will have the opportunity to interact in each discussion. Scroll down and click on “View Comments” to use the comment feature to submit your comments and writing samples.

Agenda for Friday, November 13:

Note: We’ll have a 15-minute break between each session.

  1. 12:00 PM - Opening Remarks

  2. 12:15 PM - Finding your narrative: Reprising last year’s most popular session, we’ll start with a simple writing exercise used by Temple medical students to reflect on their experiences in medical training. To share your writing samples with Naomi Rosenberg, please submit them via the comment feature below.

  3. 1:15 PM - Philly’s other pandemic: Let’s talk about the opioid crisis: Panelists will share their unique perspectives on how writing illuminates the experiences of this stigmatized and vulnerable population.

  4. 2:15 PM - Making time to create: Three Philadelphia physicians share why creative time — be it writing, podcasting, or art — is essential to avoiding burnout and how they find time to fit it into their busy days.

  5. 3:15 PM - Telling your story on stage: Local story slam vets will teach you the secrets to getting on stage and becoming a great live storyteller. On Saturday, you’ll get to test your new skills in our first-ever story slam.