Celebrate Mother’s Day with health, exercises, and well being in mind!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and I believe that celebrating mom with gifts that emphasize health, exercise and well being are the absolute best we can give. Here are six gift ideas to make this Mother’s Day the happiest, healthiest and hopeful of them all.

Glamorous Mom

Glam moms love nothing more than going to their favorite salon to have their hair done, followed up by a manicure and pedicure. To help glam mom destress and feel even better, you may want to add a therapeutic full-body message, which will have mom feeling like she’s on cloud nine.

Breakfast-in-Bed Mom

Pull out the silverware, fine china, stemware and cloth napkins. If Mom is a bacon, eggs, and grits with cheese type of gal, then make it to perfection. On the other hand, if Mom’s a chia berry green smoothie type of chic, whip up all the ingredients in a blender, pour into her favorite stemware, and garnish with a chuck of pineapple. Health-nut mom may also love a slice of toasted hempseed bread topped with delicious almond butter.

Brand-New Mom

Any new mother would be thrilled to have a postpartum doula for a week (or even a day). Even for the most experienced moms, bringing home a new baby means seismic life changes.

That’s where a postpartum doula comes in. A postpartum doula is a professional support person who helps the baby, mom, and yes, the entire family, following the days or months, after the stork has made his delivery. A postpartum doula will allow the new mom to take a break, get some rest and relaxation, and take care of her personal pampering needs.

Workout Mom

While workout mom is highly motivated, she may be in need of new routine or some new inspiration. A consultation and a few workout sessions with a personal trainer may be the perfect gift for workout mom.

Retired Mom

If mom is not a social butterfly, she may benefit from a service or companion dog. Decades of research have proven that dogs provide significant health benefits to humans of all ages, and this is especially so for seniors mental, physical, and emotional well being. Dogs provide companionship, relieve anxiety, and they provide built in exercise. So yup, a dog is good for senior mom’s body, heart and soul.

Every mom

All mothers can benefit from a pair of good-fitting shoes. Believe it or not, many women are still cramming their feet into ill-fitting shoes, causing themselves needless pain and suffering, blisters, and worse. While fashionable shoes are cute, nothing beats a truly good pair of shoes. Years ago, I learned that the arch is the most important part of your shoe. With that said, I’ve traded in the old fashion favorites for the numerous stylish, conformable, and healthy shoes with built in arch support. Trust me, all moms will love to have a treat for their feet!