Warm weather and the ability to gather with family and friends again make it a great time for grilling. These grills and barbecue accessories are sized for small or shared spaces like balconies, porches, parks, and rooftops. Since we’re talking petite areas, the price point is also budget-friendly — with most items under $100. From a portable charcoal grill to electronic ones to a slew of grilling tools, this list has just what you need for your next cookout.


For patios and porches

Maximize outdoor spaces like a patio or porch with a Kingsford space-saving, standing charcoal grill. Perfect for year-round use, this grill features over 350 square inches of primary cooking space for veggies, fish, chicken, steak, beef, and more; a warming rack and bottom rack for storage; and wheels to transport to another area of the home when necessary. Despite the fiery red handles, the lever is cool to the touch.

$79.99; target.com

Portable charcoal grilling

If you’re allowed to fire up charcoal on your balcony, rooftop, park, or campsite, this portable (and colorful!) Permasteel grill makes it easy. Weighing less than 9 pounds, the compact grill is easy to carry thanks to a removable lid with a handle. It features about 153 square inches of cooking surface. Available in classic black, red, or teal.

$45; lowes.com

Smokeless/Indoor grilling

Get the sizzle and flavor of grilled food minus the smoke with a George Foreman electric smokeless grill, which has vents engineered to induce airflow. Its compact size makes it easy to fit in a pantry or cabinet but it’s powerful enough sear up to six servings, perfect for a weekday dinner or weekend soiree on the balcony. Clean up requires minimal time because the drip tray and removable grill plates are dishwasher safe.

For something bigger with similar features, opt for the George Foreman 15-serving grill, which is also electric but has a removable stand, enabling grilling on patios, rooftops, and decks as well as indoors.

Smokeless grill, $69.88. Indoor/outdoor grill, $90.99; walmart.com

Gas grill upgrade

Entertain a lot or a little with a Char-Broil four-burner gas grill that features a whopping 3 square feet of cooking space, which means baby back ribs, a whole chicken, and a bevy of burgers can be grilled simultaneously. An accompanying chef’s tray keeps fruit and small vegetables like broccoli and asparagus from slipping through the grate.A temperature gauge is mounted on the front, making it easy to monitor the heat level. Two side shelves offer space for food prepping or cooling.

$222.99, target.com

All the accessories

The Food Network 17-piece barbecue tool set is packaged with useful stainless-steel products for your next cookout. The set includes a hardwood handle turner and tongs, a digital fork thermometer, and an eight-piece corn holder set to avoid slipper fingers. The utensils are heat safe up to 500 degrees An accompanying carry case keeps all the tools in place.

$39.99; kohls.com

Small food items require a bit more planning, and to ensure things like shrimp, chopped vegetables, and favorite fruits are thoroughly cooked, try a Traeger stainless-steel basket. Small holes prevent food from falling through and they double as vents to allow the heat and smoke to circulate evenly. TRaised edges help veggies and hot dogs stay put. Bonus: The basket also works in the oven.

$29.99; traegergrills.com

Keto recipes

Enjoy a good old-fashioned barbecue while being on a Keto diet with the new cookbook, Keto BBQ: From Bunless Burgers to Cauliflower “Potato” Salad, 100+ Delicious, Low-Carb Recipes for a Keto-Friendly Barbecue. The flavorful, low-carb dishes include grilled salmon, kielbasa, pork chops, chicken shawarma kebobs, and garlicky summer squash. There’s also a section dedicated to desserts, including a four-ingredient recipe for grilled strawberry kebobs.

Simon & Schuster, $16.99; simonandschuster.com

The right temperature

Make your grilling life easier with the Meater Plus, a smart meat thermometer that can be used with a maximum ambient temperature of 527 degreesand features a wireless range of up to 165 feet. This handy gadget sends cooking notifications to a phone or tablet.

$99-$109; meater.com