Narcotics Officer Thomas Tolstoy is on desk duty and is a focus of a growing probe into allegations of police misconduct. The complaints filed and police administrative action against Tolstoy include:

Dec. 14, 2007

Lady Gonzalez, 29, tells relatives and friends that a narcotics officer fondled her breasts during a drug raid at her Kensington home. She does not file a complaint with police, fearing retaliation.

April 3, 2008

Dagma Rodriguez, 33, says she was groped by a narcotics officer during a raid at the West Kensington house where she lived. She files a complaint with police. She is unable to identify the narcotics officer after investigators show her about 80 photographs.

Oct. 16, 2008

"Naomi," then 23, whose name is being withheld by the Daily News, alleges that a narcotics officer touched her breasts and shoved his fingers into her vagina, ripping her shirt when she told him to stop. At Episcopal Hospital, nurses suspect a sexual assault and order a rape kit. Naomi tells investigators with the Special Victims Unit what happened. That night, Tolstoy is put on desk duty.

November 2008

Investigators tell Naomi and her mom that they have evidence linking an officer to her alleged sexual assault. They ask her to consider pressing criminal charges. She declines, according to Naomi.

Jan. 12, 2009

Tolstoy is put back on the street.

Feb. 27

Lady Gonzalez files a complaint with Internal Affairs, saying the officer who fondled her told her to call him "Tom." She fails to identify Tolstoy when shown about 80 photographs.

March 5

Lady Gonzalez files a civil lawsuit against the nine officers who participated in the raid. The suit, filed in federal court, seeks more than $600,000 in damages and attorneys' fees.

March 30

The Daily News obtains a video showing officers, including Tolstoy, cutting wires to surveillance cameras during a raid of a bodega. The Daily News posts the video on its Web site at Lady Gonzalez identifies Tolstoy as the officer who allegedly groped her.

April 2

Lady Gonzalez goes to the Special Victims Unit and Internal Affairs Bureau to name Tolstoy as her alleged attacker.

May 20

Tolstoy is put back on desk duty and has to relinquish his service weapon.