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The UpShot: A second chance for doomed animals

At Chenoa Manor, animals are rescued from certain death

Alana Burgess brushes and petts  Shirley the pig.
Alana Burgess brushes and petts Shirley the pig.Read moreJESSICA GRIFFIN / Staff Photographer

Alana Burgess, a board member of Chenoa Manor animal sanctuary, brushes and pets Shirley the pig at the sanctuary in Avondale, Chester County. The manor is home to over 200 farm and exotic animals that were neglected, abused, or en route to slaughter before being given a second chance at the nonprofit sanctuary. Chenoa Manor invites the public to get to know these creatures through scheduled activities like photography tours and meditation among the animals. Says Burgess, “This place is on a different vibration then the rest of the world — it’s so calm. In this environment, we have the ability to have interactions with the animals like they’re not below us, they’re just another being equal to us. They get to decide when they interact. If you go into their pasture, they decide when to come over. Our goal is to help people have a healthier connection with the environment and the animals, so that we can leave this the earth better than when we got here.” To volunteer, intern, or learn more, go to