Tommy Rowan writes short narratives and human interest stories for The UpSide section.

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All in a day’s work for cops: A look at the acts of heroism that often go unnoticed

Most public protection involves everyday acts of excellence, valor, bravery and heroism that unfold unexpectedly, rarely make headlines, but often change lives.

Grab your beachchair and load up the cooler: Shore series returns for a third summer

We kickoff our third annual Shore series with a introduction to Season 3.

Protecting City Hall’s very own falcon’s nest — with a broom

Inquirer staff photographer Jessica Griffin rode a cramped, musty City Hall Tower elevator up to the 15th floor, where a peregrine falcon has long built her nest, to capture a yearly ritual.

After 21 years of trying, Philly native earns GED from South Jersey community college

In 2015, Joyce Clements was diagnosed with dyslexia and at last had a clinical explanation for why she could barely write her name, recognize words, or decode written language.

Last death-row inmate at Eastern State returns; Five Below considers price hikes | Morning Newsletter

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UpShot: The passing of a story, on a napkin, between commencement speaker and attendee

Leslie S. Richards, secretary of transportation at PennDot, delivered the commencement address for Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts on May 10. She couldn't have imagined what would happen next.

Kids need bathing suits at the rec center? She bikes to the store to buy them.

"We have a staff of amazing, badass men and women, and always in the back of my mind is, how can we support the community as much as possible?”