Camden County issued a warning Wednesday to avoid Big Timber Creek near a sewage facility that experienced a small leak in Gloucester Township.

Around 10 a.m., there was a sewage spill into the creek at the Camden County Municipal Utility Authority pump station on Chews Landing Road. It was fixed around 12:30 p.m.

County spokesperson Dan Keashen said that county Health Department officials, local first responders, and the state Department of Environmental Protection were notified of the spill

Keashen said that the creek near the pump station was being monitored for 24 hours and that people should avoid it during that time for activities including swimming, fishing, or any other recreation.

The incident did not affect public drinking water and was not expected to have a long-term impact on creek, Keashen said.

There was a spill at the same facility in 2017, but Keashen said what occurred Wednesday was much smaller.