Prior to charging Bill Cosby with sexual assault in the case that would ultimately land him in prison, prosecutors joked about the former comedian being attacked by 27 of his alleged victims.

The exchange can be read in newly released emails from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, TMZ reports. In one chain from Oct. 2015, Deputy District Attorney Thomas McGoldrick sent prosecutor Stewart Ryan a link to an Inquirer report about an NBC special featuring a joint interview with 27 women who accused Cosby of sexual assault.

“They should do it ‘to catch a predator’ style,” Ryan replied. “Invite The Cos, ambush him, then allow the 27 victims interview him.”

McGoldrick upped the ante, suggesting that Cosby’s alleged victims interview him “with small, very sharp knives.”

A representative from the district attorney’s office told TMZ that the chain was “an ill-advised attempt at humor” relating to The Inquirer report, and that the internal communications had not “impacted the administration of justice” in Cosby’s case.

“This exchange helps to prove Mr. Cosby’s cast was a political scheme to take down America’s Dad,” Cosby representative Andrew Wyatt said, according to TMZ.

The NBC special aired several days after the exchange. In December 2015, Cosby was charged with sexually assaulting former Temple University women’s basketball coach Andrea Constand in 2004. He was found guilty in April last year, and later sentenced to three to 10 years in prison.

Late last month, Cosby marked the end of his first year in State Correctional Institution Phoenix in Montgomery County. Cosby currently also faces a $2.75 million legal bill, per an Associated Press report, and is appealing his conviction.

“He’s doing very well regarding this unwanted anniversary,” Wyatt told the New York Daily News of Cosby last month. “He’s in the best shape. He’s sharp. His memory is sharp.”