The Pennsylvania SPCA was asking for the public’s help Friday night in identifying who fatally shot a pet cat with an arrow in West Philadelphia.

The nonprofit animal-welfare agency said that wounded male cat -- with the arrow still lodged in his body -- was found by a Good Samaritan early Friday morning next to a corner store in the 5900 block of Chestnut Street.

The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia took the cat to the PSPCA’s headquarters in North Philadelphia for emergency treatment but the cat could not be saved.

Law-enforcement officers with the PSPCA later determined that the pet belonged to a family residing just a block away from the corner store.

Video surveillance from the store shows a person picking up the wounded cat with a shovel and dumping him in a trash can.

Anyone with information on the incident can call the PSPCA at 866-601-7722 or email

Julie Klim, the PSPCA’s chief executive officer, called the case “especially heinous.”

“An innocent animal was shot in our city with an arrow, thrown away still alive and suffering as if it were nothing,” she said in a statement. “We are here to say that it was not nothing, and we cannot stand for such horrific acts against an animal. We implore those who have information about this case to come forward.”