A $2.69 energy drink allegedly swiped from a 7-Eleven by a Philly cop has landed the officer on desk duty as Internal Affairs investigates.

A department spokesperson confirmed that the officer had been placed on administrative leave, but declined to identify him because he has not been charged with a crime.

The official incident report, obtained by The Inquirer, identifies the officer as Edwin Lebron, of the 25th Police District. It says the owner and an employee of a 7-Eleven in Juniata told police the officer, while in uniform, picked up a Celsius Kiwi Guava drink and left without paying.

An employee at the cash register, “tried to tell him to pay for it ... and he ignored her,” the report said.

Reached by phone Monday, Lebron said, “I don’t want to talk about it. It’s under investigation. I talked to my [union] representative and he said don’t talk to anybody.”

A representative of the 7-Eleven franchise said the store had often been hit by thieves. “We’re already facing so many issues running a small business in Philadelphia ― shoplifting, stealing, armed robberies,” said the representative, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal. “With these kind of conditions, police are our only hope. So this kind of thing was shocking.”

District Attorney Larry Krasner declined to comment on the incident Monday. He said retail theft cases involving small amounts of merchandise are often charged as low-level summary offenses.

“I think the public is always concerned with integrity, and I am also concerned with integrity,” he said. “So, when there are allegations that someone who is doing the taxpayers’ bidding in uniform is alleged to have committed crimes as well, they should be concerned.”

Since the incident, the 7-Eleven representative said police brass and rank-and-file officers have stopped by the store to apologize.