Two Philadelphia-area women who became friends after one donated a kidney to the other get a couple of surprises in Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show (3 p.m., NBC10).

Three years ago, Breanna Sipple gave a kidney to Erin Francis after learning of her need for one through social media. Since then, the two have created the Instagram account Team BeMore, which promotes organ donation.

In Wednesday’s episode, DeGeneres interviews the two women on Zoom, and introduces them to Sarah Hyland, who’s there with her in the studio. The Modern Family star was born with kidney dysplasia and has had two kidney transplants, the first at the age of 21.

After the four chat, DeGeneres and Hyland each produce separate checks for $10,000, made out to BeMore, courtesy of Shutterfly.

In February, Sipple and Francis were interviewed by 6ABC, and Sipple, who had never met Francis before she decided to give her a kidney, spoke of seeing a Facebook post by Francis' husband, Rich, in which he wrote about his wife’s kidney disease and her need for a donor. (Updated: Francis' husband was misidentified in an earlier version of this post.)