Frankford High School varsity football coach Bill Sytsma invited his players to spend Friday nights in the school’s locker room during the spring and summer months as a weekend respite from the neighborhood’s troubled streets. Inquirer photographer Charles Fox snapped this photo in early June as some of the players danced goofily to the song “Elvira” by the Oak Ridge Boys (one of country band’s members, coincidentally, is Frankford graduate Joe Bonsall.) “One of the players, Jayhad Morse” — in the center, wearing socks and slides — “was a very good dancer. He had some country-line-dance moves,” said Fox. “And I asked, ‘How do you even know this?’ " Morse said his prowess was the result of spending so much time with his grandmother when he was growing up. Fox loved the answer, because he could relate: “My grandmother would watch the Lawrence Welk Show, and so whenever my wife flips it on it’s funny to her that I can remember all of the character’s names," Fox said. “So, when Jayhad said he learned those dance moves from being with his grandmother, I knew what he meant."