In a delightful interview with Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert posted on YouTube this weekend, viewers got to see the kinda power that DJ Guns Garcia wields.

Say the name of the former Philly DJ queen and Lil Uzi loses it. Watch the clip from the interview below.

All the context you need is that Nardwuar, who conducted the interview, is an eccentric Canadian music journalist known for presenting the rappers he interviews with elaborate, well-researched gifts — often astounding his subjects with his intel on them.

Naturally, Twitter immediately started asking: What’s Guns Garcia?

Guns Garcia, or Regina Garcia Dyhouse, who started DJing in Philly in the early 2000s, is thought of as the godmother of Philly DJs. She moved to Chicago this summer. We hung out with her on one of her last nights DJing in Philly.

Naturally, Twitter also started making memes.

Dyhouse told us she was mystified as to why Nardwuar mentioned her. “It made no sense,” she texted. She did knew Lil Uzi before he was famous but that’s it. “There’s not really a story lol"