First crack at Philly tickets for Hamilton went to subscribers of the Kimmel Center’s Broadway series. Then, on July 9, the box office opened for non-subscribers and tickets are moving. But as popular as Hamilton is, there are still tickets available across all levels, particularly in the middle-to-later parts of the run (Aug. 27 through Nov. 17). Watch out, Kimmel Center spokeswoman Leslie Tyler-Patterson said, for scammers selling bogus tickets. The real tickets are available through and the box office for the Forrest Theatre, where the show is staged.

‘Quantum’ leap

Kristin Devine and Kevin DeJesus-Jones are getting married, starring in a two-person play, and launching a new theater company, all in less than six weeks. Just for fun, why not also buy a house and paper-train a puppy?

Their wedding is Sept. 14 in Avalon. (They’ll become Devine-Jones.) Their play, Constellations, in which they play two lovers, opened Friday. That was also the start of their new theater company, Quantum Theatre Group.

The work, in conjunction with the Wings of Paper Theater Company, is staged at the Mayfair Theater, which is itself a relatively new venture.

"If we can go through all the long nights and costar in a love story, open a theater company, and plan a wedding together, I think we have a lot of the right ingredients for a marriage,” Devine said.

Nick Payne’s Constellations, which starred Hollywood’s Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson on Broadway, involves a romance between beekeeper Roland and Cambridge University academic Marianne. It starts out boy-meets-girl, but then incorporates string theory, 77 parallel universes, and “the most extreme challenges a relationship can go through,” said Devine.

DeJesus-Jones said that actors know how to keep their personal and stage lives separate, but the “very nature of acting is to go there emotionally and live out these scenarios. We put ourselves in the shoes of a couple that are going through times that are harder and easier than we go through. It’s a great way to examine a relationship in all perspectives.”

Devine said the couple had premarital counseling, but also learned from their characters. “Marianne and Roland face a lot and maintain an excellent sense of humor as well as a really raw, honest interpersonal dynamic, and I do think that is what drew us to this material and that is something we strive for in our personal lives.”

The couple commended John Cambridge, artistic director for Wings of Paper Theatre Company, for his efforts to revive and promote the Mayfair Theater — a landmark in his neighborhood. “His neighborhood was in desperate need of a cultural outlet and a theater,” Devine said. His goal was to “make it possible for artists to be here and to collaborate on [his] block.”

Fringe alert: Wawa road trip

A brother and sister drive from Dayton, Ohio, to Philadelphia to fulfill their father’s dying wish — to scatter his ashes in a Wawa parking lot. Of course, this Fringe Festival presentation includes: soda cave trolls, Sheetz vs. Wawa, a disgusting hoagie legacy, and families who wear matching shirts. The Tribe of Fools presents Operation Wawa Road Trip Sept. 6-21 at the Proscenium Theatre at the Drake. “Ultimately we want people leaving the show to reach out and call that person they’ve been meaning to call,” says artistic director Terry Brennan.