Q: My whole apartment is very small and the “living room” is really just a wide hallway going from the front door to the kitchen. It’s only about 8 feet across wall to wall. I could almost use it as a dining room, as there is only room for a tiny table in the kitchen, but then there wouldn’t be a place to watch TV except for the bedroom upstairs. Right now there is a high window on one wall, and my couch is under it. Opposite, there is about 5 to 6 feet of blank wall, then a closet door, then the stairs up to the bedroom, and the front door. What furniture could I get to make my living room more useful?

A: Wow, your living room sounds like a very hardworking space! What are your intentions for that room, or your home as a whole? Do you need a quality quiet space to relax and watch TV alone, with a partner, or entertain your friends for dinner? Do you have kids and need a place to dance, spread out the Legos, or play the latest battling tops game with a friend?

If you want a classic living room feel for just you and/or a potential partner, mount a TV to the blank wall and add a coffee table or ottoman to put your feet up and cuddle to watch some shows. A narrow bookcase style media unit might suit your needs for some extra storage space, or go with something more minimal, if that is more your style. If you can’t see the TV from the kitchen and want to, consider placing the TV under that high window and the sofa opposite. If it’s just you and a roommate, consider two lounge chairs instead of a sofa, and add some floor cushions or smaller armchairs to pull closer for conversation when friends stop by. A soft ottoman works as a place to put up your feet or act as additional seating if you need it. Some even have storage built in.

As long as you, those closest to you, and your guests have a place to sit, set a beverage down, and put up their feet, you’ll make any room great whether it’s truly a living room or a wide sitting area. If you’re comfortable there, your friends will be, too.

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