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Choose the perfect bedding for your guest bedroom or your own bed

Coming up for the holidays, this year many family members and friends will be staying with me in my new house. In completing my guest bedrooms (I will have two guest rooms) are queen sizes OK?

Ask Jennifer Adams: How to make your own rustic picture frames

Ask Jennifer Adams: How to make your own rustic picture frames

Ask Jennifer Adams: How to hide your living room TV in plain sight

Wondering how to work that new TV into your living room decor without hiding it completely?

Ask Jennifer Adams: Can I refinish old furniture safely?

Concerned about lead paint or other dangers when refinishing old furniture?

Ask Jennifer Adams: Choose wall art for love, not color scheme

Does the sofa come first or does the wall art? It doesn’t matter. There’s no need to decorate with boring art.

Ask Jennifer Adams: How to prevent your patio from becoming a junkyard

Is your backyard a junk yard? Planning a garage sale that isn’t happening? Here are Jennifer’s organizing and de-cluttering ideas.

Ask Jennifer Adams: Lighten your dark hardwood, laminates or engineered flooring

Wondering how to make your house look lighter when your wood floor is dark?

Ask Jennifer Adams: How to get organized for school mornings

Want to avoid the morning rush for back-to-school organization? Here are Jennifer’s ideas to involve your kids and create dedicated storage spaces for backpacks.

Ask Jennifer Adams: What is the best color to paint kids’ rooms and nurseries?

For a nursery, consider starting with a tranquil wall color. Then have more fun and be really bold with your accent colors.