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Fiberglass is a durable material that can be easily repaired, so if your tub and shower are in good shape, consider having it refinished.

Ask Jennifer Adams: What’s the best way to keep your house cool during the summer?

Jennifer shares her tips on how to mix exterior landscaping with layered window treatments to control sunlight and add style to any window.

Ask Jennifer Adams: She wants plants, he wants a dog

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Ask Jennifer Adams: What do you need on your patio?

What are the most important features and furniture for your backyard or patio?

Ask Jennifer Adams: Feng shui vs. bedroom mirrors. What’s right?

Love mirrors but wondering what's feng shui? Here are Jennifer’s tips for using ideas from any trend in ways that will work for you.

Ask Jennifer Adams: Wheelchair-accessible ideas for any guest bathroom

Considering building an accessible guest bathroom in your home? Whether you’re remodeling or building a new bath from scratch, here's how to create a stylish bathroom you'll love.

Ask Jennifer Adams: When guests are confused which is the front door

Do your guests have a hard time figuring out which is your front door? Here are Jennifer’s tips to minimize side doors and maximize your front door.