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Ask Jennifer Adams: How to light dark interiors

Q: Our little vacation home is dark, with a lot of wood paneling and stained wood finishes from the floor to the ceiling. There are also a lot of trees around and a big front porch shades the south side of the house. I love how cozy our house feels in winter but it is really hard to get enough light

Ask Jennifer Adams: Bed options for an attic bedroom

Q: Because my attic bedroom is small, and the ceiling is angled, my bed won’t fit all the way against the wall. The whole bed is too tall and there is about three feet or more of floor space behind the headboard. I’m shopping for a new bed but everything I am finding has headboards that are too tall

Ask Jennifer Adams: Casual and creative seating options for the living room

It’s so awkward to enter a room full of lively conversation and not find a naturally appealing place to sit. Sure, your partner or bestie can offer to share their spot or everyone squeeze a bit more on the sofa, but that isn’t going to last more than a few minutes.

Ask Jennifer Adams: Tips for a modern home office

Q: I’m interested in tips for a new home office area. My big desktop computer had broken and my granddaughter gave me her old laptop computer. I am very much looking forward to getting rid of the large desk and other office furniture.

Ask Jennifer Adams: What are the next big trends for the home?

When you see different trend predictions and Colors of the Year, you’re seeing the opinions of experts in different industries or markets. These experts research heavily for years in advance! And their actual Color of the Year decisions might take into consideration other factors.

Ask Jennifer Adams: Window-treatment ideas for privacy

Any good window treatment helps you control the light and your own privacy as well as helping regulate the temperature inside.

Ask Jennifer Adams: New Year’s resolutions, making room for exercise

Wondering how to create a workout space in your home? Here are some of Jennifer’s helpful tips to help you stick to your exercise workout program without a gym membership!

Ask Jennifer Adams: Tis the season for SAD, seasonal affective disorder

Ask Jennifer Adams: Tis the season for SAD, seasonal affective disorder

Ask Jennifer Adams: Holiday stocking solutions when you have no fireplace

I love the tradition of hanging stockings by the fireplace, even the family pets had their own stocking in my family. But my house now has no fireplace at all so what can I do?

Ask Jennifer Adams: Resolve to live your dreams of home, one goal at a time

Dreaming doesn’t take any research at all, and you don’t need to wait until the New Year or any specific time to resolve to dream or set new goals. Dreams really do come true, even big ones. The only key is that you have a dream in the first place.