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Choose the perfect bedding for your guest bedroom or your own bed

Coming up for the holidays, this year many family members and friends will be staying with me in my new house. In completing my guest bedrooms (I will have two guest rooms) are queen sizes OK?

Give your guests their pick of blankets. You want visitors to be cozy and feel at home, so take some of the stress away by having comfort items within arm’s reach. (TNS)
Give your guests their pick of blankets. You want visitors to be cozy and feel at home, so take some of the stress away by having comfort items within arm’s reach. (TNS)Read moreHandout / MCT

Q: With the holidays, many family members and friends will be staying at my new house. In completing my two guest bedrooms, are queen sizes OK? One room is a little small, so I’m thinking of a full-size bed. A couple can sleep on that, I know, because my husband and I did for a number of years. Other than that, how do I choose the right comforters and blankets?

A: We spend more time in our beds than any other piece of furniture in the house. So, any time, especially before the holidays, is the perfect time of year to dial in your bedrooms, guest bedroom or not. Beyond just comforters and blankets, providing a cool room; fresh air; a sturdy bed frame; comfortable, supportive mattress and pillows that are replaced regularly; clean, layered bedding; soothing sheets; and adjustable lighting offer an adaptable atmosphere that will help just about anyone get restful sleep.

Generally, most houseguests are gracious enough to not complain about the bedding situation. If they did have special needs or preferences, they’d likely adjust their visit to not include an overnight or they would stay in a nearby hotel instead. So set up the guest spaces according to what will work for your own household. If you have space for a dedicated guest bedroom, fantastic; it’s even better if there is a bathroom nearby. If not, whatever corner you decide will be fine as long as it offers some privacy and safe, comfortable, and clean bedding.

As far as the bed sizes go, choose the largest bed that will fit, allowing around 3 feet if possible, on either side. A large bed in a tiny room where sleepers have to crawl over each other or to the foot of the bed isn’t ideal. Kings are luxurious but queen sizes work quite well. Full size works fine enough for many couples, especially young adults.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, mattresses should be replaced every 7 to 10 years and pillows every 1 to 2 years, or sooner, depending on the quality and use. A mattress in a guest room may last longer since it’s not slept on every day. If you’re going to relegate your own mattress and pillows into a guest room, treat yourself to new bedding, including the mattress and pillows, long before it’s all completely worn out. Also, for your own bed as well as the guest beds, covering the mattress and pillows with water resistant and hypoallergenic protectors will reduce allergens and prolong the useful life.

For the bedding, select soft, smooth sheets and add multiple layers for your guests to adjust for their preferred temperature. The National Sleep Foundation also reports that most people replace their sheets every two years, and this creates a great opportunity to keep up with the trends and provide a fresh look along with a fresh bed. Comforters and blankets may last longer. Choosing machine washable blankets and comforters will make it easier to keep them clean. A couple of thinner comforters are much easier to deal with than one bulky, musty old comforter that is too hot and too large for your washer.

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